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Welcome to Nursery in India!
Welcome to Nursery in India!

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A child just does not acquaint himself with numbers and alphabets in nursery, he learns a lot more beyond books at Kriyanza. We have a wide range of activities that engage a child’s brain and facilitate his motor skill development. Our focus is not just on cognitive but on holistic development.

Building creativity and independence have always been at the core of our curriculum. We have a blend of best educational practices running with our age specific curriculum for the development of a child.


Our Best Features

Holistic Development

The prime focus of the best nursery in India is the holistic development of young learners through various activities that enrich them academically as well as add to their personality development.

Motor Skills training

We have a wide range of activities that help in developing gross and fine motor skills of children. We focus on motor skills from the very beginning because they form the base of all other activities.

Emotional Intelligence

Our children have great Intelligence Quotient as well as are Emotionally Intelligent. We help them understand the value of the world they share with infinite other living beings and their habitat.

Independent Learning

We let children discover and explore on their own and learn independently under our guidance. Encouraging traits of independence and self-reliance is an important part of our curriculum.

Ongoing Assessments

At the best nursery school in India, we have ongoing and continuous formative as well as summative assessments at regular intervals to understand the level of understanding in our children.

Free Play Opportunities

Our children are encouraged to play and find their own ways of learning. Unstructured play encourages creativity and confidence in young learners and Kriyanza is a trusted brand for that!


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Frequently Asked Questions

The right time to send a child to preschool can vary depending on individual circumstances and cultural norms. However, most children typically begin preschool between the ages of 2 and 4 years old.

Preschool education at Kriyanza, best preschool and daycare in India is important for several reasons, as it plays a crucial role in a child’s overall development and sets the foundation for future learning. Here are some key reasons why preschool education is important:

  • – Early Learning and School Readiness
  • – Cognitive Development
  • – Social and Emotional Development
  • – Language and Communication Skills
  • – Motor Skills and Coordination
  • – Independence and Self-Confidence
  • – Exposure to Diversity and Cultural Awareness
  • – Parental Involvement and Support

Determining the best preschool and daycare in India can be subjective and depend on individual preferences and needs. However, some of the common factors being provided by Kriyanza Preschool & Daycare that contribute to a high-quality preschool experiences are:

  • – Qualified and Caring Staff
  • – Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum
  • – Safe and Stimulating Environment
  • – Play-Based Learning Approach
  • – Individualized Attention
  • – Parent Involvement and Communication
  • – Health and Nutrition
  • – Positive Reviews and Reputation

Yes, at Kriyanza Preschool & Daycare, often promote unstructured/free play activities as an important part of early childhood education. Play is recognized as a vital component of a child’s development, fostering creativity, imagination, social skills, problem-solving abilities, and cognitive growth. We aim to create an environment that supports and encourages different types of play.

Here are some ways in which Kriyanza Preschool & Daycare promote unstructured/free play activities:

  • – Play Centers
  • – Outdoor Play
  • – Imaginative and Pretend Play
  • – Social Play

In addition to academic excellence, we at Kriyanza Preschool & Daycare focus on a variety of activities that promote holistic development in young children. These activities help foster social, emotional, physical, and creative skills. Here are some important areas of focus for a preschool, beyond academics:

  • – Social Skills and Emotional Development
  • – Physical Development and Gross Motor Skills
  • – Fine Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination
  • – Creative Arts and Expression
  • – Language and Communication Development
  • – Cognitive and Problem-Solving Skills
  • – Nature and Environmental Awareness
  • – Cultural and Global Awareness