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Baby Boy Names with meanings

May 25, 2023

Baby Boy Names with meanings

Congratulations! Your little one is finally home. You can’t stop holding him in your arms. But what do you name him? Sometimes it’s so confusing for parents to name their newborns. There are so many suggestions to choose from. There are so many questions that come up to your mind.

• Is this a good name?
• Does it have a well-defined meaning?
• Whether it fits or is perfect for your baby?
• Is it as per your tradition and culture?

Some of the baby boy names are:

1. Aahan
It means the break of dawn or morning glory.

2. Aarav
Aarav is one of the most popular names, which means peace or wisdom.

3. Aarush
The name refers to the bright sun, sunshine or morning.

4. Aanav
It refers to someone who is a king.

5. Aditya
It refers to the risen sun.

6. Advit
It means uniqueness and one of a kind.

7. Amay
For the more traditionally inclined parents you can name your child Amay that is one of the forms of Lord Ganesha.

8. Anmol
It means priceless or extremely precious.

9. Anish
Anish means supremacy or to be paramount.

10. Aniruddh
It means something, which doesn’t have a limit or a boundary.

11. Atharv
Atharv refers to someone who is learned or has a lot of wisdom.

12. Ayushman
Someone blessed with a long life.

13. Bivan
It means someone who enjoys life thoroughly or is full of life.

14. Barun
This refers to the Lord Barun the Lord of Sea.

15. Badri
It is another name of Lord Krishna.

16. Bhuvan
It means the world, universe or the sky.

17. Chinmay
It is another name of Lord Ganesha. It also means purity.

18. Chaitanya
It means energy or cognizance.

19. Chirag
It means lamp or bringing light.

20. Devansh
It refers to someone who is a part of God.

21. Dhairya
It refers to someone who is patient.

22. Dhruv
It signifies the Pole star.
23. Dev
It refers to God himself. Some other meanings are light, king or heavenly.

24. Daksh
It refers to the fire in someone. It also refers to someone who is talented and skilled. Daksh is also the name of the son of Lord Brahma.

25. Ekansh
It means complete or whole.

26. Eshaan
It is another name of Lord Shiva.

27. Ekagra
It means focus.

28. Ekant
It means solitary.

29. Eklavya
Eklavya holds significance in Hindu mythology. He was a brave and devoted student of Dronacharya.

30. Farhaan
It means being happy, joyful and cheerful.

31. Falak
It signifies the heavenly abode.

32. Farooq
It refers to someone who distinguishes truth from falsehood.

33. Gagan
It refers to the sky or heaven.

34. Girish
It refers to the lord of mountains.

35. Gaurav
It means pride or honor.

36. Gautam
It’s the first name of Lord Buddha.

37. Gokul
Lord krishna’s home town.

38. Garv
Garv means being proud.

39. Govind
Govind is another name for Lord Krishna.

40. Gurdeep
It’s a popular Punjabi name whoch means lamp of the people.

41. Gyaan
Gyaan means knowledge.

42. Harsh
Harsh means joyful, excitement and happiness.

43. Hardik
It means right from the heart.

44. Hitesh
Hitesh means someone who thinks well of everyone.

45. Harshit
It refers to someone who is filled with joy and happiness.

46. Ishaan
Ishaan means prosperity and generous.

47. Ishwar
Ishwar refers to god or the ruler or king himself.

48. Ikbal
It means someone who is blessed or fortunate.

49. Indra
It refers to the god of fire.

50. Indrajit
Indrajit is the conqueror of Indra.

51. Indraneel
It is another name of Lord Shiva.

52. Ivaan
It means God’s own gracious gift.

53. Irya
Irya means powerful and brave.

54. Ishan
It means prosperity or being generous. It is another name for Lord Shiva.

55. Jagdish
Jagdish is the Lord of Universe.

56. Jai
It refers to victory or someone who is victorious.

57. Jeet
It means conquered.

58. Jagan
It means the world or universe.

59. Jaidev
Jaidev refers to the god of victory.

60. Joshit
Joshit means pleased or delighted.

61. Jasbeer
A victorious hero

62. Javed
It means immortal

63. Kabir
It means noble. Kabir was also an Indian saint.

64. Krish
It’s the shortened form of Lord Krishna.

65. Krishna
Krishna is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

66. Kiaan
It means the grace of God.

67. Karan
It means talented and intelligent.

68. Kanishk
It is the transport of Lord Vishnu.

69. Kanan
It means a forest.

70. Kishan
It’s another name of Lord Krishna.

71. Kunal
It’s a Sanskrit word which means lotus. It also has an alternate meaning, which is someone with beautiful eyes.

72. Kartik
It means one who bestows courage.

73. Kushal
Kushal refers to someone who is clever and perfect.

74. Kavish
It refers to the lord of poets.

75. Kalpit
Kalpit refers to someone who is imaginative or creative.

76. Karan
Karan means intelligent or talented.

77. Laksh
Laksh means a goal or aim.

78. Lohit
It means made of copper.

79. Lakshit
It means someone who is distinguished.

80. Manan
It means to celebrate.

81. Madhav
Madhav is a descendant of Madhu. It also means humbleness.

82. Maanav
It means youth and humanity.

83. Madhavan
Madhavan is another name of Lord Shiva.

84. Mayur
Mayur means peacock.

85. Milan
Milan means togetherness.

86. Mohit
It means someone who is loved.

87. Mahin
It means the earth.

88. Mehul
Mehul means rain.

89. Madhav
It’s another name of Lord Krishna.

90. Maheep
Maheep means the king.

91. Meet
Meet means a friend.

92. Milind
Milind means to a honeybee.

93. Manish
It’s another name of Lord Krishna.

94. Moksh
Moksh means salvation or emancipation.

95. Naksh
Naksh means the moon.

96. Neel
Neel is the color blue. It’s another name of Lord Shiva.

97. Naveen
Naveen means pleasant or new.

98. Nihaal
Nihaal means joyous and successful.

99. Nakul
Nakul means mongoose. It’s another name for Lord Shiva.

100. Nachiket
It is the unquenchable thirst for the unknown.

101. Nikhil
It means completeness or wholeness.

102. Naitik
Naitik means good in nature.

103. Naman
It refers to salutation.

104. Navid
Navid means good news.

105. Neehar
It means the fog or early morning dew.

106. Neev
It means the base or foundation.

107. Niraj
It means pure and freedom.

108. Nirbhay
It means someone who is fearless.

109. Nischay
It means confirmed or a decision.

110. Nishant
It means the moon and also peace.

111. Nischit
It means to be sure.

112. Nitesh
It is someone well versed in law.

113. Om
It means a scared mantra in Hinduism.

114. Onkar
It refers to the purest one.

115. Ojas
It means a bountiful energy.

116. Omkar
It is the sacred syllable of Hindus.

117. Omar
It means long-life or long living.

118. Prerana
It means inspiration.

119. Parth
It means the son of mother Earth.

120. Pranav
Pranav means salutation or praise.

121. Praneet
It means a pioneer or leader.

122. Praneel
It’s another name of Lord Shiva.

123. Pratyush
It’s the break of dawn or sunrise.

124. Param
It means supreme.

125. Prateek
Prateek means symbol.

126. Pavan
Pavan means a breeze.

127. Parthav
Parthav means greatness.

128. Prajjwal
It means a bright light.

129. Pranay
It means a leader.

130. Pranjal
Pranjal means honest and dignified.

131. Pratham
It refers to someone who is always first.

132. Pritam
Pritam means someone who is a lover.

133. Priyansh
It means someone who is a lovable part of someone.

134. Qarin
It means someone who is a constant companion.

135. Qabeel
It means someone who is capable.

136. Rachit
It means someone who is prepared.

137. Reyansh
Reyansh means a ray of light.

138. Rudra
It’s one of the names of Lord Shiva.

139. Rudraneil
It’s one of the names of Lord Shiva.

140. Rishi
It means a sage.

141. Ranveer
It refers to the hero of a war or battle.

142. Raghav
It means the descendant of Raghu.

143. Ronit
It means charming.

144. Rishab
It refers to someone with high morality or moral values.

145. Rahul
Rahul is the son of Buddha.

146. Rafay
Rafay means the exalter.

147. Raj
Raj means King.

148. Reyan
Reyan means fame.

149. Ritvik
Ritvik means a priest.

150. Rohan
It refers to a river in paradise.

151. Rohit
It means the sun.

152. Ronak
It means beauty and grace.

153. Ruhaan
It means someone who is kind-hearted.

154. Rushaal
It refers to someone who is higher than charming.

155. Rushyant
It means the moon.

156. Rushit
Rushit means prosperity.

157. Rutansh
Rutansh refers to the truth.

158. Rutujit
Rutujit means the king or conqueror of seasons.

159. Saksham
It refers to someone who is competent.

160. Samarth
It means adequate.

161. Samar
Samar refers to war or battle.

162. Samesh
It refers to the Lord of equality.

163. Sarthak
It means meaningful.

164. Sathvik
It means virtuous.

165. Siddharth
It refers to someone who has accomplished a goal.

166. Sahil
It means the shore or beach.

167. Saket
Saket refers to a place close to heaven.

168. Shlok
It means a song or phrase.

169. Sharad
It means white lotus.

170. Shakti
It means powerful

171. Shreshth
It means superior or supreme.

172. Sarin
It means helpful.

173. Sachiv
It means a friend.

174. Saif
It means a sword.

175. Sakher
It refers o a conqueror.

176. Samar
Samar means outcome or in possession of something.

177. Samrat
It means an emperor.

178. Sanjeev
It means giving life.

179. Sanjit
It refers to someone who is always victorious.

180. Saransh
It means summary or in brief.

181. Satyam
Satyam means honesty.

182. Shaaz
It means unique.

183. Saurav
It means divine.

184. Shrey
It means marvelous.

185. Shubham
It means something good or auspicious.

186. Sparsh
It means touch or feel.

187. Tejas
It means sharpness or brilliance.

188. Tanveer
It means brave and strong.

189. Udarsh
It means brimming or over the edge.

190. Utkarsh
It means advancement.

191. Umang
It means happiness or enthusiasm.

192. Uday
It means to rise.

193. Vivaan
It means someone who is full of life.

194. Viraj
It means resplendent.

195. Vihaan
It means dawn or sunrise.

196. Virat
It means something massive or big.

197. Yug
It refers to an era or historic event.

198. Yuvraj
It means an heir or a prince.

199. Yash
It means glory or reputation.

200. Zain
It means a friend or a companion.


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