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Baby Girl Names with meanings

May 25, 2023

Baby Girl Names with meanings

Some of the names for your little girl are:

1. Aahana
It means the inner light or rise of the sun. It also depicts immortality.

2. Aalia
It means intelligence and excellence.

3. Aditi
It refers to the mother of gods. It also means perfection and liberty.

4. Adya
Adya means powerful and brave. It is also another name of Goddess Durga.

5. Amyra
It means beauty.

6. Akshara
It means alphabets and letters, which imply knowledge. It is also another for Goddess Saraswati.

7. Amaya
It means immeasurable.

8. Amrita
It refers to immortality.

9. Ananya
It means someone who is different from others and has no match.

10. Anika
It means brilliance and also another name for Goddess Durga.

11. Anvi
It is the name of a goddess.

12. Arya
It refers to a noble goddess.

13. Avni
Avni means the Earth.

14. Anushka
Anushka means grace.

15. Aarzoo
It means a wish or an ardent desire.

16. Aashi
Aashi means to smile.

17. Aisha
Aisha means alive and well.

18. Akriti
Akriti means a beautiful drawing.

19. Aakansksha
It means a desire or wish.

20. Aaradhya
Aaradhya means worship.

21. Aarushi
Aarushi means the first rays of sun.

22. Adhira
It means lightning.

23. Akshaya
It means someone who is indestructible.

24. Alisha
It refers to someone protected by god.

25. Anvita
It means a network or connection.

26. Bhavna
It is another name for Goddess Parvathi. It also means purity.

27. Baishali
It refers to an ancient city. It means something, which is ancient and priceless.

28. Barsha
Barsha means rain.

29. Bhakti
It means devotion.

30. Bandita
It refers to someone who is blessed.

31. Barkha
Barkha means rain.

32. Bhrithi
It means strengthened or cherished.

33. Chaaya
Chaaya means shadow and is symbolic of bringing comfort to the world.

34. Charita
Charita refers to a good human.

35. Chandini
It refers to moon light.

36. Chavvi
It means an image or reflection.

37. Chahat
It means liking.

38. Chehak
It means happiness.

39. Daksha
Daksha means the Earth.

40. Dhriti
It means to be courageous and patient.

41. Diya
It means the lamp or light.

42. Divya
It refers to someone who is divine.

43. Darsha
Darsha means to see.

44. Deepika
Deepika refers to bringing light.

45. Dhwani
It means sound.

46. Disha
It means direction.

47. Devaanshi
It means to be a part of god or the almighty.

48. Ekta
Ekta means unity.

49. Eshani
It means a wish or a desire.

50. Eesha
It means purity.

51. Elina
It means smart or intelligent.

52. Ekantika
It refers to someone devoted to one aim.

53. Falguni
Falguni means beautiful.

54. Falak
Falak means a star.

55. Geet
Geet means a beautiful song.

56. Geetika
Geetika refers to beauty.

57. Gauri
Gauri means to be fair.

58. Garima
It refers to someone who has been sent from heaven.

59. Gautami
Gautami means the clouds.

60. Gayathri
Gayathri means the mother of vedas.

61. Geeta
It refers to the Bhagwad Gita.

62. Gunjan
Gunjan means humming.

63. Gaurika
Gaurika means a young girl.

64. Harita
It means progressive and fast.

65. Heena
It means a beautiful woman.

66. Hiral
It means lustrous.

67. Harsha
It means happiness.

68. Harshika
It means someone who is joyful.

69. Heera
It means a diamond.

70. Himani
It is another name for Goddess Parvathi.

71. Harleen
It’s a Punjabi name which means one with god.

72. Ira
Ira means a devoted and noble woman.

73. Isha
Isha refers to the lord himself.

74. Ishita
Ishita means superiority or wealthy.

75. Ishani
It refers to someone close to god.

76. Indra
It is another name for goddess Lakshmi.

77. Ipshita
It refers to someone who is desired.

78. Iniya
It means sweetness.

79. Jaanvi
Jaanvi means precious.

80. Juhi
It’s the name of a flower.

81. Jagriti
It refers to someone pleased by gods.

82. Jyotsna
Jyotsna means moonlight.

83. Jyoti
Jyoti means the light.

84. Kaira
Kaira means peaceful.

85. Kalpana
It means imaginative or a fantasy.

86. Kangana
Kangana means bracelet.

87. Kavya
Kavya refers to a beautiful poem.

88. Khushi
Khushi means happiness.

89. Kanchan
Kanchan means gold.

90. Laavanya
Laavanya means beauty or beautiful.

91. Lipika
It refers to an idea or imagination.

92. Leena
It means the lord of the universe or someone who is immortal.

93. Lekha
Lekha refers to a goddess.

94. Mahika
Mahika means the Earth.

95. Meera
Meera was a devotee of Lord Krishna. It also means boundary and oceans.

96. Megha
Megha means a cloud.

97. Meher
Meher means grace.

98. Myra
Myra means beloved.

99. Mansi
Mansi means spiritual adoration.

100. Meena
Meena means a precious stone.

101. Mishti
Mishti means sweetness.

102. Naira
It means to glitter or shine.

103. Navya
It refers to someone who is praiseworthy.

104. Niharika
Niharika refers to dewdrops.

105. Nisha
Nisha means night.

106. Nitara
Nitara means having deep roots.

107. Nikita
It means having fire within you.

108. Naina
Naina refers to eyes.

109. Namrata
Namrata means humility or modesty.

110. Namya
It refers to someone worthy of honor.

111. Ojasvi
It refers to someone who is brave and fearless.

112. Ojaswini
Ojaswini means lustrous.

113. Pihu
It means the sweet chattering of a bird.

114. Pari
Pari means an angel.

115. Pratyusha
Pratyusha means brightness.

116. Pia
It means beloved.

117. Priti
Priti means satisfaction.

118. Priya
Priya means beloved.

119. Paridhi
Paridhi means realm.

120. Payal
Payal means the anklet.

121. Ridhi
Ridhi means good fortune.

122. Riya
Riya means a gem and another name of goddess Lakshmi.

123. Rachna
Rachna means creation.

124. Ragini
It means a melody.

125. Raksha
Raksha means protector.

126. Ramya
Ramya means enchanting.

127. Rashmi
Rashmi means the rise of early sun.

128. Rishika
Rishika means saintly.

129. Roshni
Roshni refers to light or brightness.

130. Ruchita
It means beauty.

131. Raga
Raga means beauty.

132. Raveena
Raveena means sunny.

133. Ritika
It means a stream.

134. Ruhi
Ruhi refers to the soul.

135. Sarah
Sarah refers to happiness and purity.

136. Soumya
It means someone who is mild. It’s also another name for Goddess Durga.

137. Shanaya
It refers to someone who is eminent and distinguished.
138. Sravya
Sravya means a musical tone.

139. Shreya
Shreya means prosperity or auspicious.

140. Sneha
Sneha means love.

141. Suhana
Suhana means beautiful.

142. Samaira
Samaira means enchanted or protected by god.

143. Sagarika
Sagarika means waves.

144. Saloni
Saloni means beautiful.

145. Sakshi
Sakshi is to witness.

146. Samaya
Samaya means timeless.

147. Samriddhi
It means prosperity.

148. Sanchita
Sanchita means collective or a collection.

149. Sanjana
Sanjana means the creator.

150. Sejal
Sejal refers to someone with depth in his or her character.

151. Shailaja
It means daughter of mountains.

152. Shakti
Shakti means strength or power.

153. Shalini
Shalini means courteous.

154. Shambhavi
It is another name of goddess parvati.

155. Shefali
Shefali refers to a flower.

156. Saachi
Saachi means one full of grace.

157. Sonia
Sonia means to be wise.

158. Shruti
It refers to someone with knowledge.

159. Sanya
Sanya means a precious moment.

160. Shivani
It’s another name for goddess Durga.

161. Tamanna
It means an ardent desire or wish.

162. Tanvi
It refers to someone who is delicate and beautiful.

163. Tanmayi
It refers to someone who is completely devoted or wholly absorbed in god.

164. Tripti
Tripti means the winner of the world.

165. Trisha
Trisha means thirst.

166. Tanu
It means the sweetest one.

167. Taneesha
It means an ambition.

168. Tanishtha
It means dedication.

169. Tara
Tara means a star.

170. Tanmayi
Tanmayi means concentration.

171. Tripti
Tripti means satisfaction.

172. Triya
Triya refer to a young woman.

173. Turya
Turya is someone with superior powers.

174. Tejal
Tejal means splendor brilliance.

175. Unnati
Unnati means prosperity.

176. Upasana
It means devotion.

177. Uditi
Uditi means the sunrise.

178. Urvi
Urvi means the Earth.

179. Uttara
Uttara means to be superior.

180. Vedika
It means someone who is full of knowledge.

181. Vasana
It’s another name for goddess durga.

182. Vanya
It means god’s gracious gift.

183. Vaidehi
Vaidehi is Sita.

184. Vaisakhi
It refers to an auspicious day.

185. Vani
It refers to speech and also another name for goddess Saraswati.

186. Varsha
It means rain.

187. Veronika
It refers to someone displaying his or her true image.

188. Virika
It means bravery.

189. Vithika
It means the path.

190. Vritika
Vritika refers to pure thoughts.

191. Vidisha
It refers to someone with knowledge.

192. Wamika
It’s another name for goddess Durga.

193. Wishi
It means a wish that is fulfilled.

194. Waheeda
Waheeda means glorious.

195. Yukta
Yukta means a flower.

196. Yogita
It refers to one who can concentrate.

197. Yashvi
Yashvi means fame.

198. Yashashwini
It refers to one who is successful.

199. Zoya
Zoya means loving and caring.

200. Zara
Zara means a princess.


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