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Give tips for dressing your baby and how to handle during summer and winter season?

May 24, 2023

Give tips for dressing your baby and how to handle during summer and winter season?

Dressing babies can be fun. Admiring your tiny tot wearing colourful clothes fills your heart with joy. But it can be a tedious task too. Dressing babies can sometimes lead to some unsure thoughts such as, “Is it too hot?” or “Is it too cold?”. All you need to do is ensure your baby’s comfort.

Different seasons call for different dressing styles. The dressing doesn’t involve looking good alone but also feeling good and that can be ensured if you are dressed comfortably. Babies tend to cry a lot to show their discomfort regarding their clothing. And you need to be alert to change it accordingly.

For example, during winters keep them warm but don’t dress them in extra sweaters. Here are some tips to dress your babies as per different seasons:

Summer season

In the summer season, the temperature gets very high and babies tend to experience more discomfort than usual. During summers you’ll witness red and flushed skin. Babies also tend to get irritated more often.

• Pick minimal clothing for your baby just as you dress yourself. Use yourself as an example to dress your baby.
• Dress them up in loose cotton clothes for better air circulation; it helps in preventing skin irritation.
• It’s preferable to dress them up in cotton clothes instead of synthetic clothes. It gives their skin some breathing space and prevents skin itchiness and discomfort.
• If it gets too hot you can consider dressing your baby in their diapers only.
• Make sure you dress them in lighter shades instead of darker ones to prevent extra absorption of heat.
• In the summer season, babies tend to sweat a lot, ensure that they are dry. You can also use talc to avoid the settlement of moisture.
• Opt for simple clothe based diapers instead of the diapers made of synthetic materials as they cause more rashes.

Winter Season:

During winters you have the urge to swaddle your baby and cover them up with layers. You wish to dress them up in beautiful sweaters and cute little beanies, socks and gloves but you need to keep in mind that you don’t overdo it and suffocate them.

• Just as you would dress yourself, dress your baby that way too. Adding layers of clothes will not be helpful instead it’ll lead up to bouts of cries.

• Layer up your baby but just ensure that he’s comfortably dressed.

• Select the right fabric to dress up your baby and to keep them warm. Thermal clothing and clothes made of wool and polyester are best for winters.

• Even though cotton clothes are more comfortable they won’t be able to keep your baby warm and hence won’t serve any purpose.

• If you are planning to take your baby outdoors, then an extra layer of clothing won’t hurt. You can also add up a pair of mittens and socks with a cute muffler.

• You can use zip-up jackets, as they are easier to wear and remove.

Tips to dress your baby:

• Apart from winters dress your baby in comfortable in cotton clothing. It allows the skin to breathe and prevents rashes.

• While venturing outdoors cover your baby with proper clothes, to not contract a cold or other communicable disease.

• Dress them in shades of bright colours like green, yellow and blue etc.

• You can also add up a hat or a scarf while taking them outdoors to complete their look and for extra protection.

• If you are a first-time parent, be patient while dressing them up as it might get frustrating at times, but it’s an enjoyable thing too.

Dressing up your baby is a fun activity but ensure that you dress them according to the weather as well as the time and place. The comfortable dressing is the best form of dressing.


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